My Emotional Brow Journey!

For some, getting permanent make-up is no big deal, for others it can give you a bit of anxiety and take you on an emotional roller coaster. We are here to help you through the healing process and to help better prepare you for what to expect over the next few weeks. In the end you will love them!


Jeanette has compared microblading brows to getting breast augmentation. Those of you who have had that procedure done can definitely relate.

“OMG… did I go too big?”

“Wait… why are they shrinking?”

“Are they uneven?”

“Are they too small?”

“Yay… they’re perfect! Dr. Wolf is a genius!”


Pretty much the same roller coaster of emotions with microblading. You will leave your appointment loving your brows and possibly taking selfies on your way out the door. By the time you get home they will have darkened… significantly! Relax this is normal. You will remember us telling you that the color oxidizes and the pigment has also mixed with a bit of bleeding and that has made them darker as well. All is fine until your husband comes home and asks, “Holy cow…. are they going to STAY that dark? Honey what did you do??” That will most certainly end the evening with an increase in anxiety. Trust us, in the end, the husbands always end up being the biggest fans.


Day two, no need to rush to the bathroom to see if they have lightened THEY HAVEN’T! They will stay dark for several days until they start to flake and gradually lighten, (usually 5 to 7 days). Sometimes they will flake quickly, sometimes not. Do not pick or “help” them peel off. Just let it run it’s coarse.


Keep them LIGHTLY moist and protected with Aquaphor for the next few days: Less is better as to not disrupt the healing process or make the beautiful crisp strokes look “smeared” or blended into each other. Aquaphor is your friend but do NOT over do it! Sometimes during the healing process they can look patchy, sometimes they can even look like they’re disappearing… both totally normal.


Between 4 and 6 weeks you will love them again and come back for your touch up. Whatever changes you want to make will be done at that appointment and whatever strokes you’ve lost here or there will be replaced.


When you leave your touch-up they will be perfect and you will absolutely love them! 🙂

Until then here is a little emoji brow guide for your reference.

emoji brow guide