Lone Tree oxygen bar

Oxygen Bar in Lone Tree, Colorado

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There are many benefits of oxygen including:

                    • Increased oxygen to overcome altitude sickness
                    • Recover faster from hangovers
                    • Oxygen can heighten concentration and improve alertness
                    • Alleviate headaches
                    • Improved immune system and help remove free radicals
                    • Increased blood circulation


Oxygen Bar Pricing

$1 per minute

10 minutes ………………………..$10
20 minutes ………………………..$20
30 minutes ………………………..$30


The Oxygen Bar – A Breath of Fresh Air

Found in a wide variety of locations, oxygen bars serve, as the name implies, purified oxygen, also called oxygen-enhanced air.  The oxygen is often scented and delivered through a tube called a cannula, commonly referred to as a “nose hose.” The air around us, called ambient air, is just under 80% nitrogen and just over 20% oxygen, with tiny amounts of other gases. An oxygen bar uses an oxygen concentrator to filter out the nitrogen and deliver oxygen to bubble through individual canisters of water, for moisture, and one of a variety of scents, for aromatherapy. The exact meaning of the term “purified oxygen” can vary, depending on the equipment and settings used, but generally refers to 90% or more pure oxygen.


The function of oxygen:
Oxygen is a vital source of energy. Oxygen Enriched Air (OEA) increases the metabolic rate and enhances the body’s ability to produce energy, aiding physical performance.


Recreational Oxygen versus Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen therapy is the use of concentrated or purified, supplemental oxygen for several hours a day over an extended period. Recreational oxygen involves inhaling purified oxygen for short periods. With mandatory masking due to COVID, oxygen bars help to overcome the buildup of carbon dioxide and increase the percentage of oxygen in the blood. Low oxygen levels can lead to added strain on the brain, heart, and muscles, with a resulting slowing of the metabolism.

Proponents of recreational oxygen cite increased energy, decreased stress, a reduction of pain and physical infirmity, better sleep, and even the lessening of headaches and hangovers. Some athletes use oxygen before athletic activity to enhance performance. Whether physical or psychological, people who frequent oxygen bars swear by the beneficial effects. If you suffer from chronic illness, checking with your doctor before using an oxygen bar is recommended.


What to expect at an oxygen bar in Lone Tree Colorado:
Oxygen bars offer a variety of setups. Some operate on a “walk-in” basis, while others require an appointment. Some offer a casual environment with “standalone” scented oxygen, while others combine oxygen with other services like workouts or massage. The bar provides comfortable seating, along with a flexible tube that fits loosely around your head, with small plugs resting just inside the nostrils. You just sit, relax, and breathe normally. Oxygen is usually offered in sessions of 20 to 30 minutes.


Many oxygen bars offer a selection of scents using essential oils or oil-free, food-grade particles for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses scents, usually from plant-based substances, to enhance physical and emotional health. Aromatherapy is especially effective as a mood elevator and for relaxation and stress reduction. Since oxygen is a very dry gas, it is pumped through water canisters to increase its humidity. Aromatherapy scents added to the water include eucalyptus, mint, lemon, vanilla, cherry, orange, cinnamon, and wintergreen.


What to look for:
The number one thing to look for at an oxygen bar is cleanliness. Is the general facility clean, orderly, and well kept? Is the equipment sanitized regularly? Are the breathing tubes disposable and switched out after each user?


Is it expensive?
Oxygen bars charge by the minute at a rate of approximately $1 to $2 per minute, usually for a session lasting 20 to 30 minutes.


Oxygen in athletics:
Oxygen in activities involving physical exertion is most effective if you are in an unfamiliar, high altitude, environment. The thinner air makes it harder to breathe, especially during physical exercise. Purified oxygen overcomes that obstacle by increasing oxygen levels in the blood.