Why is All Things Vain Medi Spa the BEST

at Permanent Make-up & Microblading?

Our licensed professional has a background in Professional Make-up of 25 years and 10 years experience in Permanent Make-up. She has numerous advanced certifications in Camouflage & Corrective permanent make-up and Microblading Feather-Stroke Brows. She is also a licensed Medical Esthetician since 2007 so she is an expert in skin and resurfacing.

How long does each treatment take?

Most appointments take anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours. We help you choose your color and shape and go over those at length before we begin the procedure. We also numb the area to make it less uncomfortable.

Should I expect much bleeding?

We are penetrating the epidermis so little bleeding is expected. It is crucial to NOT take any blood thinners as this will cause excessive bleeding and the pigment to raise to the surface so the color would eventually scab and peel away. The lip will bleed more because it is a muscle and therefore might need 1 to 2 touch-ups to achieve the color you desire. However, you are only charged for the first touch-up.

How much down time will I need?

This does vary with each individual client. Allow yourself time to heal without applying makeup or going to the gym. Sweat can cause stinging to the area and make-up can cause irritation or even infection. Expect your brow color to darken within hours of your treatment and it will continue to darken over the next 2 – 3 days. This is due to blood scabbing and the pigment oxidizing. DON’T PANIC! They will lighten to the color you chose prior to the treatment. I would give yourself a couple of days before going out in public and 7 – 10 days to heal entirely.

What should I put on them while they are healing?

Keeping the area clean and moistened with vaseline or Aquaphor is ideal for proper healing. You do not want them to dry out and scab up too much, as this will take the pigment off with the scab! Keep them clean with a mild soap and moistened every day and night.

Am I a good candidate for Permanent Make-up or Microblading? Who should avoid this procedure?

HERE is a list of contraindications for Permanent make-up.

Please read carefully HERE for detailed AfterCare


When should I book my Complimentary Consultation?

Call TODAY! (720) 630-7790 &  Wake up with make-up TOMORROW! Please see Permanent Make-up page for detailed pricing, information and photos.