All Things Vain Medi Spa Reviews

I've been wanting permanent make-up on my brows for years micropigmentation brows Lone Treeand my sister had them done right before the holidays. Hers look completely natural and they did some new technique called microblading. They look like real hair strokes! I had a trip coming up in April so I decided to finally do it! We worked on the shape together and I let her pick out the color. It took about two hours and wasn't too painful. I absolutely love them and I get compliments one them every day! My husband loves them too. Definitely worth the money. Highly recommend.

Nina S.April 2017

Great skin treatment services and great massage experience. All Things Vain Medi Spa makes women more confident with the way they look and the way they feel. That's why when I had my free time, I usually booked an appointment here and had both the Hydra-dermabrasion and treatment facial. Booking an appointment was easy.

Alessa H.March 2017

microblading browsI got micro-blading done to my brows about 2 months ago and just had my touch-up. They look so natural I can't believe it! I have brows again! The procedure itself takes about 2 hours the first time and my touch up was only about 45 minutes. Janette has been doing my facial treatments for a long time and was always tinting my brows. She finally talked me into getting the permanent tattooing and I am thrilled with the results. She went over the shape with me first and drew them in and then iced them up and numbed the whole area with lidocaine. It really is pretty uncomfortable at first but then everything numbs up and its not too bad. I thought I would need more downtime but I had little bleeding and scabbing and went to work two days later. The touch up was easy and I think they look amazing! Getting compliments all the time.


Courtney M.March 2017

I've been suffering from adult acne since moving here to Colorado and had tried everything to fix it but nothing worked. I've been doing this vicious cycle of drying out my breakouts with acne medication and creams, but at the same time drying and peeling off my skin. It would get raw and flaky and putting make-up on it only made the dry patches look worse. I seriously couldn't even take my make-up off in front of my boyfriend when I stayed over at his house. Once the break-outs cleared up, new cystic ones would form underneath. It was awful!

My friend Kristin referred me to Jeanette about 6 months ago. I hadn't seen Kristin in a couple of months and her skin looked so much clearer I immediately called her esthetician. It took a couple of weeks to get in for a consult but I was able to get an appointment with her the following week. Jeanette really knows her stuff! She started me on a complete organic skincare line (which she developed herself) and three packages of 3 different treatments. I alternated between microderms, micro-needling (ouch but totally worth it) and detox facials with extractions. She put me under blue LED with each treatment as well and I could not believe how quickly my skin has transformed! She also encouraged me to drink LOTS of water which has definitely helped my skin AND hair. I will never go to anyone else but Jeanette and I will never use products with chemicals again.

Sarah G.March 2017

Jeanette makes me feel pampered EVERY visit.  She's done my permanent makeup and I LOVE IT!  Her attention to detail and tender touch is amazing.  Her years of experience and talent created a natural look that I feel very comfortable wearing (and I'm not a big makeup wearer). I love waking up beautiful and I can't rave enough about my results.  Jeannette makes me feel completely comfortable from the moment I arrive through the treatment.  The spa is welcoming and exudes relaxation and serenity.  I am a client for life 🙂

Heidi D.Feb 2017

From the moment I walked in the door, I was greeted with smiles and treated like royalty. During my initial consultation, Jeanette answered all of my questions and took the time to learn about my needs and build rapport. Everyone at the spa was very professional and knowledgeable about the services and treatments with others I have used in the past, which was very informative.

I have received medical esthetic treatments from several different Med Spas and my results from All Things Vain Medi Spa have surpassed anyplace else! Jeanette made me feel so comfortable and the process was painless too.

The resurfacing Hydradermabrasion treatments are AMAZING! Jeanette, the esthetician, is passionate about helping people and offered so much insight on my skin. The products she recommended have transformed the texture of my face. Thank you for your incredible service and fabulous results!

Helen H.Feb 2017

Amazing Results! I bought my fiance a gift certificate for Christmas and she choose to get her eyebrows and eyeliner permanent makeup done. I couldn't believe the amazing results. The subtle and natural definition made her eyes stunning. Thank you for making this gift one she will always cherish.

Audie W.Jan 2017

Best place in Denver if you want perfect, permanent brows! I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Jeanette is a perfectionist and cares about the outcome of every single eyebrow! She really makes sure you are happy with how your brows look throughout the entire process. The procedure was relatively painless and they healed beautifully. I highly recommend anyone in search of the perfect brows to come here! Thank you Jeanette!

Hannah S.Dec 2016

permanent makeup brows Lone Tree COCame to visit my sister over Thanksgiving and decided to finally my brows done. My sister told me All Things Vain Medi Spa was the best and the owner squeezed me in. The consult was very thorough and I felt very comfortable when we started the tattooing process. She went over shapes and colors and even used stencils till we got exactly what I wanted. They are fabulous! This is my after photo only two days later!

Amanda C.Nov 2016

Permanent MakeupWow...Where do I even begin! After deciding I wanted to get microblading done for my eyebrows and eyeliner, I booked with someone simply because I knew they offered the service. However, I met with Jeanette based on several recommendations from trusted friends (and them telling me to NOT just go to anyone random that has their license). I was immediately enthralled with Jeanette and knew that I needed to use her for the service. I mean it IS permanent and I can be vain--not worth screwing up my face just so that I can get it done faster. After leaving my consultation at All Things Vain Medi Spa, I cancelled my appointment with the other woman and immediately booked with Jeanette. Of course, she is insanely skilled and in high-demand so I had to wait three weeks to get in. And...well..there simply aren't words to describe the experience and how worth the wait it was.

First of all, I do not have a single tattoo and am TERRIFIED of needles. Not only was Jeanette the most entertaining, kind and comforting person to be in the situation with, she provided me with a neck massager, a blanket and what she calls a "woobie" (i.e. personal vibrating body massager) as it is apparently scientifically proven that vibrations distract the mind from pain. It was a four hour appointment, so I am not going to waste time going into the painstaking details of the process but suffice it to say Jeanette will NOT screw up your face. Between measuring and remeasuring my brows, drawing and redrawing the shape / width / depth and going outside numerous times to ensure we found the perfect color BEFORE even starting the procedure, I can say with 100% surety that I made the right decision and now that I am completely healed...well...I am trying to figure out what else she can fix on my body haha. I have included three photos. The first is before the procedure, the second is immediately after and the final was taken this morning (exactly a week later) in my office. I think the results speak for themselves.

Permanent Makeup South Denver


Shayna B.Aug 2016

This place is completely incredible! From the first day I stepped foot in here I felt at ease. Coming here originally for my acne I was skeptical about the process and how it was it was going to help. I cannot tell you the amount of improvement in just a month of being here. I had tried everything and after the first treatment, my acne had started to disappear. My skin is clear, radiant, and healthier than ever! I cannot thank this place enough for their service, gratitude, and great work. I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

Gabby W.June 2016

I recently had the pleasure of receiving 2 of the new treatments Jeanette is offering at All Things Vain Medi Spa.  Jeanette is a wealth of knowledge with what is happening in the skin care industry.  I am always excited and pleased with my appointments.  Jeanette cares about how her clients feel and look.  In one word Jeanette is "extraordinary".

Kellie M.April 2016

Jeanette is a true artist! She takes pride in her work and is dedicated to every person leaving her spa looking and feeling amazing. She's the best at everything, from facials to waxing and I just did eyelash extensions..Perfection! I can't recommend this place enough! Get on her calendar and you won't be disappointed! I very much appreciate what they do!

Shaeley M Oct 2015

I was given a gift certificate for a facial with Jeanette for my birthday… It was such a wonderful experience! I made an appointment on my birthday and Jeanette treated me to A few little extras on top of my facial. I live in Fort Worth… every time I come to Denver I try and get an appointment. I highly recommend you give yourself a treat.

Mary D.Sept 2015

I was referred to Jeanette through a friend... in fact ALL of my friends go to her. She convinced me the first time to tint my eyebrows.  Being pretty blonde I was not fond of the idea but Jeanette is bossy in a good way so I took her advice.  She knows what she is talking about.  Having been in the industry for years she will make sure you leave looking good even if that means stepping out of your comfort zone.

I was overly impressed... in fact... I am obsessed. It was like I was staring out at the world through a different pair of eyes.  I cannot go without an eyebrow wax and tint now. I also live no where near her and no longer work down there anymore... but I will find a way to get back there.  There is no one like her.  You will get more compliments on your eyebrows than ever before, and you will feel beautiful.  You must go!

Kimberly IAug 2015

For Mother's Day, I decided to finally treat myself to a spa day. I'm 25 and never had a massage or a facial so I got the gift package. After an amazing massage I was ready for my facial. I've suffered with adult acne ever since I had my son. I've been told by various doctors to try different medication and treatments but after prescription creams and gels didn't work, I didn't want to be put on any other meds. When Jeanette got started on what should have been a signature facial, she told me about microdermabrasion and detoxifying facials. In my mind I thought, "oh great, here we go again". But then she started talking to me about how it's probably affected my life emotionally (which it has) and I decided to give it a shot. I ended up buying a couple of different packages and after two treatments, I can already tell the difference. I'm still in the process of clearing my skin but I feel much more confident leaving my house without layers of makeup on. I don't feel like people are staring at my acne. And Jeanette is my new favorite person. Other estheticians and doctors I have seen, were so focused on offering me the highest costing treatments and medications...without explanation why they thought I needed it. Jeanette takes the time to educate me on every step of the process and I never feel pressured to agree to a new treatment. I'm finally excited about my complexion and will always be a loyal client. I just wish more professionals realized the importance of bed-side manners.

Laura B.Aug 2015

Jeanette has transformed not just my skin, but my life. Since a recent miscarriage and then major surgery for a broken foot, my system was completely out of whack and I was suffering from embarrassing breakouts. She has given me hope and confidence again at a time when I was feeling really down about myself. Jeanette is THE go-to for adult acne. She probably removed at least 100 little bumps from my face and the result is unbelievable- gorgeous smooth skin. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jeanette!

Kristen H June 2015

Jeanette is truly amazing. She has transformed my skin and taken at least 10 years off my appearance. I thought I was just destined to have bad skin until I was introduced to her. We talked a few minutes and she assured me that she could help me , and she did! Everywhere I go people make comments on how beautiful my skin is. I would recommend her spa to anyone.

Terri D Sept 2014

I have been a client for many years at multiple locations. In that time, I have gone to many salons and spa's hoping to get the results I have to come to expect from the great service Jeanette provides. Lets just say there is no comparison. Not only is she very passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills to perfect my skin, but she shows a genuine concern to make sure I am the best I can be under her care. I never question her advice or techniques and have fabulous results to show for it. I would recommend her to anyone whether you need to be waxed, a "deep cleaning", or just a relaxing day. Not only has she guided me to perfect skin and excellent eyebrows, but she gave me confidence- and that, you can't buy in just any spa.

Alane May 2014

Jeanette is amazing! I started going to Jeanette over a year ago and my skin has drastically improved since then. Her services are amazing and her products are even better! I am a product snob and I have tried everything out there. Her products are organic and all natural. You don't realize how many harsh chemicals are in department store products until you try hers just once. She also has some fantastic services. I love every service I have tried. My favorite is her microderm. She customizes everything to your skin and she uses top of the line equipment.

Paige EApril 2014